Happy New Year! Federal Court Strikes Down North Carolina’s Racist Voter ID Law

Justice Word Engraved

In an order dated December 31, 2019, Judge Loretta C. Biggs ruled that North Carolina’s racist voter identifcation law violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution and entered a preliminary injunction against its enforcement. Judge Biggs ruled the plaintiffs had satisfied each element required to support the issuance of a prelimnary injunction with respect to their claims that the law’s voter ID and ballot-challenge provisions were impermissably motivated by the intent to discriminate agaisnt African Americans.

The Court summarized its view about the Republicans efforts to disenfranchise black voters through bogus voter ID requirements, writing “North Carolina has a sordid history of racial discrimination and voter suppression stretching back to the time of slavery, through the era of Jim Crow, and, crucially, continuing up to the present day.”

Everyone should care about this issue. Click here to see the Court’s 60-page opinion.